The Crazy Frog Video Kelantan Version

Whoever that made the crazy frog video in Bahasa Melayu Kelantan has certainly sparked my interest in the dialect. I am much indebted to the people of Kelantan who have taught me their dialect and helped me to understand why "anok Kelate" are so different from the rest of Malaysia.

Katok banyoklah jenih

There are many types of frogs

Den pesen hok kito boleh kelih tengok

and the characters that we can see

Adolah katok pise den katok puru pun

are "banana frogs" ( green as bananas ) and toads,

Ado katok gomok

there are also "round frogs"

Rupo katok pun hudoh

Frogs look ugly

Kalulah nak jamoh meme tak dok gamok

Certainly you don't feel like touching them

Katok bolehnyo hidup di hute den air, di rumoh pun banyok

Frogs are able to live in jungle and water, also there are many in the house

Katok jenih reptilia

Frogs is a type of reptile

Ado hok jinok, ado jugok hok liar

there are tame ones and also wild ones

Katok buleh betelor

Frogs can lay eggs

Den jenih daroh, sejuk serupo ular

and their blood type is as cold as the snake

Tapi, kalu nok tengok, katok banyok hidup di kawase kapong

If you want to see, there are many frogs living in villages

Kito bolehlah denga soro katok bila huje gak nok turun

We can hear the sounds of frogs when it is going to rain

Katok kalu tidak nyo

Frogs if not,

Suko duduk senyap di bawoh tepurung

Like to sit quietly under coconut shells

Kalu manusio gak baso jenih ore hok tidak tamadun

If a person's language is uncivilised

Ore, tino gak, takut

People and also women become afraid

Bimbe katok lopat dale kain sarung

( As if ) they are afraid of a frog jumping inside their sarongs

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