Teddy Bear Kata Ganda Story


This, is my teddy bear. He is 10 years old. Due to the fact that most monkeys ( my students ) who come to my house are darn naughty, teddy is gradually influenced.

teddy bear pictures

"Help! I'm stuck in between the spokes!"

Teddy used to sit still the whole day. Now his feet always wanders around to my neighbour's house on the right.

That's where he he gets his head stuck in between spokes as he is climbing the neighbour's fan. I hear his screams and...extracted his head from the clasps of the spokes.

The next day, teddy wanders to my neighbour's house on the left.

He drops all the vases while climbing onto her garden rack. I hear my neighbour's screams...and save teddy from the clasps of my angry neighbour.

I drag teddy to the toilet.


"Prang! Prang! Plonk! That's the end of all my neigbour's beloved potted plants on the garden rack...""

I lock the toilet with the latch.

I chuck teddy behind the grille of the toilet window as I warn him:

"You sit still to reflect on your naughtiness until I cool down!"

I was upset for three days and three nights. Teddy really gets it this time.

Since then he settles his butt on my rack for good.


"Scorched and rained behind the grille..."

jejari, spokes

"Spokes of a wheel of motorbike"

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