Princess Coloring Pages

Malaysianized princess coloring pages to help children with bahasa istana, the Malay court language.

My princess is Kuning. I name her after Raja Kuning, one of the glorious four queens of Patani. Reason: Raja Kuning took care of her expenses by selling flowers and conducting her own business. I have to admire a princess who chose not to be spoon fed by her people.

Try to think of the underlined word to see if you could figure out the equivalent in bahasa istana. Then check the answers.

Puteri Kuning dilahirkan.
Princess Kuning is born.

Seperti anak biasa, Kuning pun perlu buang air.
Like all children, Kuning also has to pee.

note: So many people curse me for allegedly making a mistake on this "ke sungai" business. Therefore I post a big, big screenshot of my source. Another of saying this royal pee is "buang air seni" but I am want to use "ke sungai" for LOL sake.

Selepas buang air, haruslah mandi untuk membersihkan diri.
After peeing, she should bathe to clean up

Adakalanya baginda jatuh sakit.
Sometimes, she gets sick

Mujurlah biasanya Kuning berselera makan .
Fortunately, Kuning has a good appeitite when it comes to eating

Dan tidur yang secukupnya .
And she sleeps well.

Jadi rambut pada kepalanya tumbuh lebat sehingga boleh dibuat dandanan istimewa. Ini ialah bahagian belakang kepalanya.
And she sleeps well.

Puteri Kuning berpakaian cantik untuk berjumpa dengan ayahandanya. .
Princess Kuning dresses up nicely to see her royal father.

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