Picture change request and tech issue with site

by Siuyinh
(Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

Could you please change the picture for the "HIS/HER" slightly graded audio lesson 4

- cos it is nicer for viewers to see something characteristic of Malaysian life - something more culturally educational - after all, nearly everything else on this site is very good - in quality terms.

The current picture for this particular lesson is somewhat off-putting as the message it sends out is more Euro-American high-school debauchery-oriented and I feel strongly is a little too crude and uncharacteristic of the culture most of us know and love in Malaysia. BTW, my dad's from Inanam in Sabah :)

I love the audio lessons and have gone through all the 5 basic ones a number of times now but want to continue enjoying and loving what I came to this site to enjoy and love - which is learning BM.

There is also a tech problem I've been having with the slightly graded series which means every time I go to listen to the audio, I get an error message saying "error loading file" BTW, this never happened for any of the 5 basic audios and consistently happened though for the slightly graded ones - can you please fix this problem so I can progress in my learning from this site, thanks.

Could you Wan, please send a reply to my email, addressing my concerns. I have recently signed up for the e-newsletter.


Hi Siuyinh,

1) The picture - I have searched high and low worldwide, there's none that met my ideal requirement which is also what you have written. To be honest I don't really like this particular stock photo myself and, to make make something you want is going to cost me a lot of $ and I am not making much from this site. Unless you and two friends are willing to pose free for this website. :-)

2) I believe in another email of yours, you mentioned trying out IE 8, Opera and Maxthon - three different browsers in vain. Have you tried firefox? Because when I tried different browsers, the audios can be heard best on firefox. For now I don't know exactly how to overcome this technical problem. All I can say is, I uploaded the first five basic audios on the server for this website and the rest on the server of another website. I would appreciate further technical feedback on this.

p.s. Say Hi to your dad, I love Inanam folks.

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Apr 12, 2012
Thanks Wan, got it working! I have another suggestion too.
by: Siuyinh

Hi Wan,

Thanks for your reply on my comments - tq also for the tips on how to resolve my tech prob - I solved it! - thankfully. Re: the pic issue, I could send you as you suggested, some alternative pics and if you really like any of these, feel free to use it.

I downloaded Firefox but discovered it wasn't this browser issue cos the prob. kept happening - then I thought - "ah, it's Flash-Player, so I must see whether I can update settings for that."
And so it was - a Flash Player issue. I had to type the address http://www.bahasa-malaysia-simple-fun.com/learn-to-speak-malay.html into the "trusted locations" box in the player settings and then it worked!

Now that I have been able to finally listen to the Slightly Graded audios, is there any way you can make them similar to the format of the Five Basic Lessons? For those, you are not only having the Malay conversation but you are also giving the English translations in spoken word and also explaining any new vocab, word by word.

Where there is no repetition of each new Malay word as in Lesson 1 for Slightly Graded, some of the words are hard to make out. Fred's diction is not very clear when he speaks fast. And I noticed that the Malay words for "travel to and from Hong Kong" are not clear.

That's why having the Englih translation being spoken after the Malay sentence helps one to make each word out clearly because I've also noticed from the Five Basic lessons that alongside the translation, you had repeated each Malay word slowly so that we could get to know how to pronounce these words - plus the fact that Charles' diction was very clear, which actually makes it a whole lot of fun! This is why I just love the Five Basic audios cos they are detailed enough to give us learners a good, solid grasp of what we're learning yet compact enough not to get boring.

Next time I'm down Inanam way, I'll say hi to my folks for you!



P.S. I haven't received any newsletter yet I signed up a while back.

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