Phrases in Bahasa Malaysia

How to say these "useful" phrases, in Bahasa Malaysia...?

1. Shut up!

a. Diam ! Shut up!
b. Jangan bisinglah! Don't be noisy!
c. Boleh tolong diam tak?Please be quiet, okay?

2. Muck of the Animal below

a. Mengarut ! ( Sissy Version )
b. Temberang ! ( A bit obnoxious )

3. Synonym of Muck Beginning With "Sh"

a. Sial ! ( Sissy Version )
b. Celaka ! ( Sissy Version )

4. Horny

Miang horny

5. Condemn to Place of Burning Fire and Devil

Pergi jahanam Go to h_ll

6. Rude

Kurang ajar No manners
Biadab Rude

7. Brat

Budak kurang ajarKid with no manners

8. Yucky


9. Get Out!

Berhambus!/Berambus!Get Out!

10. Closest You Can Get to a Printable Version of Its Hole LOL


Si Bedebah _ _ _ hole

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