Multimedia Super Corridor

Koridor Raya Multi Media

Map of Klang Valley

Looking for a map of Multimedia Super Corridor ( MSC )? Then you should refer to a map of the Klang Valley because from 7 December 2006 onwards, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has given MSc status to the Klang valley metropolitan area.

Among the major MSC landmarks are: its centre the planned township of Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur International Airport,Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur Sentral and Technology Park Malaysia.

Hub of Information-Technology

My broadband service is only RM66 a month and it has the tendency to go kaput or, slowww for more than a month. Therefore it makes sense to me that Telekom Malaysia needs to give a different standard of service for folks in MSC...yeap world class infrastructure. Otherwise, how ccould MSC status companies generate RM7.21 billion revenue in 2004?

But why would IT investors want to come to MSC an area sprang out of rubber and palm plantation? India, Thailand and China for example, also have fibre optics at lower costs. Ah, the Malaysian government offers 10-year tax incentive and unrestricted hiring of foreign staff. Among the hundreds of IT companies, you see names such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corp. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone there.

I can imagaine the attractiveness of the incentives as I read in the Star Biz even a Singapore-based company was enticed to relocate its headquarters to MSC in 2003 and today it hires 60 staff to work in shifts earning money by helping people book hotel rooms in over 10,000 hotels around the world.

"The Internet cannot deliver its full economic and cultural benefits in a climate of political fear," Alvin Toffler, an influential American author and erstwhile corridor supporter was quoted in a CBSN news. In line with Mr Toffler's comments and an effort to create a thriving MSC, the Malaysian government had pleged no control and censorship of internet content which include tolerating the controversial online news resources Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today...?

MSC Phase 2

THE Multimedia Super Corridor will go into its second phase which will link the corridor to other cities around Malaysia and the globe. with the inception of the 9th Malaysia Plan.

In 2006, MSC is expecting a new neighbour called Biovalley. A visitor to the corridor's capital, Cyberjaya, sees Weedy, barren fields await the arrival of construction crews, "Smart" condominiums boasting "broadband access" and "online shopping" are running at low occupancy. The main shopping complex is often eerily quiet. A neighbour might cheer things up a bit...

Top of Multimedia Super Corridor

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