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Cina buta Here's a situation involving a married Malay man and woman.He divorced her three times and according to Islamic law, he is not allowed to be reconciled to her. Unless...she married another man but somehow this other man divorced her as well...Wah, kasihan! This woman is dumped four times.But now her ex-husband is allowed to take her in again by remarrying her. The other man, in this situation is called: " cina buta".

I cannot find any references that translate this term as :" blind Chinese". Coming to think of it, it doesn't make sense to get a Chinese who most probably is not a moslem to be involved. An old kamus writes this simpulan bahasa as one word--"cinabuta" and defines it as "blind love".

The encyclopedia of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in elaborating cina buta, mentions ex-husbands who manipulates the situation by employing new converts who are not familiar with this aspect of the law, so "cina buta" is actually a man who is still blind to the Islamic law. In fact, there is ex-husband who tries to play with contract technicalities, by paying another man to marry his ex-wife and then divorce her, so that it is legal for him to be reconciled to her.

"How often it is that we see a man divorce his wife, take her back, divorce her again irrevocably and then yearn for her return again. But, now he needs a muhallil. So he finds one to live with his former wife as man and wife and then divorce her. Then, the husband marries his wife again, only to divorce her a third time. On and on the story goes. And, after every time he divorces her, he searches about for a feeble old man to act as muhallil while she will settle for nothing but a strapping youth!"--Ahmed El-Sawi Mohamed, author of the famous column, "Short but significant"

That is to say, "cina buta" is muhallil , literally means " One who makes lawful" --for a man and woman to remarry. Some people even whisper, "Pak Sanggup".

Cirit tunjang Instead of discharging watery faeces, a pair of legs is coming out from a mother's body, that means she is giving birth.

Colok mata Colok is the kind of torch held by a runner in the Olympics. A person who displays in public whatever that should be kept private is figuratively lighting a torch to make it conspicuous to the eyes of other people. Another meaning of colok mata is to anger, which makes it synonymous with another simpulan bahasa, jolok mata. Literally speaking, colok mata is different from jolok mata. Jolok is to poke a fruit with a pole until it falls from a tree. Jolok is also to poke a finger into the nostril to dig out...ooops you knowlah. I would say jolok mata is more painful than colok mata.

Penghuni dinasihatkan supaya berpakaian kemas dan tidak mencolok mata pada setiap masa di kawasan asrama.
Residents are advised to dress up appropriately and not in a suggestive way at all times.

*In Malaysian context, dressing code classified as "colok mata" is not conducive to healthy man and woman relationship. That's why Beyoncè can't make it to the stage here.

Cuci mata 1. To please one's eyes by admiring nice scenery.

Pengunjung kurang membeli di Bazar Ramadhan pada tahun ini, kebanyakannya hanya 'mencuci mata'.
Not many visitors to the Ramadhan Bazaar this year are here to buy, most of them are only here to enjoy the scenery.

Cuci mata 2. To please one's eyes by admiring and woman hi hih.

Sebilangan besar gadis memesan kek dari kedai itu hanya sekadar budak penghantar kacaknya yang mencuci mata.
Most girls order cake from that shop for the sake of the cute delivery boy who is pleasing to the eyes.

Cuci perut If you are suffering from constipation, it is legitimate to clean the large intestine by consuming laxative. Wan prefers fresh fruits and for drastic measures, papaya seeds. The dark side of cuci perut is to use laxatives, usually excessively, to get rid of 'unwanted' body fat. This can happen to young girls who are constantly bombarded by the media that 'thin is beautiful' or in very sad cases, girls who suffer from abusive man and woman relationship. If you have this kind of symptom, by all means, SEEK HELP!

Kulit buah Delima dan isinya boleh mencuci perut.
The skin and flesh of pomegranate can clean the large intestine.

Cuci tangan Do not want to be responsible.

Isu soalan UPSR bocor, Hishamuddin tidak boleh cuci tangan!
In the issue of leaked public examination paper, Hishamuddin as the Education Minister cannot shrug off his responsibility!

* Apparently between man and woman, a man tends to "cuci tangan" from taking care of his children, it is a fact that single moms outnumber single dads.

Cucuk tanam To pierce to ground in order to plant, to farm.

"Pak cik cuba bercucuk tanam di satu kawasan lapang di sekitar Putrajaya dengan berkebun pisang dan sedikit sayur-sayuran untuk mendapatkan sedikit perbelanjaan dan ulam-ulaman,”--kisah benar kais pagi makan pagi, kasi petang makan petang seorang warga emas.
" I tried to farm on a piece of vacant land around Putrajaya by planting bananas and some vegetables to generate some income and to make salads,"--true story of an old man who has to eke out an existence.

Cucur keringat To shower with sweat by working very hard.

Mereka telah bekerja keras dengan cucur keringat untuk mendapatkan sedikit wang... Mereka tetap saja miskin. Inilah yang dinamakan dengan kemiskinan struktural. --rencana tentang ketidakadilan masyarakat.
They have toiled until they sweated for a little money...Yet they are still poor. This is called structural povery. --an article about social injustice.

Cucur peluh Same as cucur keringat.

Cuit gamit Cuit is to poke, gamit is to gesture with fingers. It is to poke fun at someone verbally and physically with the tips of fingers. An act frown upon between a man and woman in the Malaysian culture.

Dia telah pandai cuit gamit dengan tetamu-tetamu yang hidung belang
She has learnt to poke fun at lascivious customers.

Cupak asli A related proverb is "Membawakan cupak ke negeri orang" which means to practice one's culture in foreign land. So cupak here is the customs inherited from your ancestors.

Cupak hanyut "A woman’s physical and sexy posture or movement is likened to: Lenggang-lenggok bagai cupak hanyut ‘swaying from side to side like a drifting coconut-cup’"--

Source of Quotation

*It seems that attraction between a man and woman in the original Malaysian culture is to relate sexiness to...coconut. Told ya, Bahasa Malaysia is nuts about coconut.

Curi hati The English equivalent of stealing the hearts of man and woman.

Lagu Dayang Nurfaizah, "Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta" ternyata dapat mencuri hati peminat Singapura dan Indonesia selain peminat negara ini apabila memenangi kategori Lagu Paling Popular.
Dayang Nurfaizah's song " If there is still love" obviously is able to steal the hearts of fans from Singapore and Indonesian apart from winning over fans in Malaysia when it won in the most popular song category.

Curi tulang To steal time off from working hard with your bones.

Upah pekerja dan saksikan bisness anda bertambah besar.. tetapi perhatikan pekerja yang selalu mencuri tulang dan pecat mereka serta merta.--petua usahawan berjaya.
Hire workers and watch your business grow...but watch out for workers who are habitually lazy and fire them on the spot.--tip for successful businessmen.

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