Malaysian Food

Basic Expressions

Malaysian food in Bahasa Malaysia is . The word food in Malay is . It is a union of the verb and the suffix -an.

Basic Food Vocabulary

Basic Meat Dish Vocabulary

My Personal Notes

Wade - not the English language "wade", it's a Malaysianized form of Vada or Vadai. Utusan Malaysia uses "vadai" for this common south Indian snack which I think is more easily understood than wade. Wade is available as a convenient frozen food as well. We don't have much problem with wade dal since we often meet dal sauce when we eat roti canai. The doughnut shape wade made from flour of black gram or black lentil is called wade ulundu in the so called proper Malay language. However, ulundu is Tamil. Ulundu* the black lentil was confused with green mung beans at times.

The botanical name, Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper, refers to black gram, urd bean, black matpe - "Cultivated vegetables of the world: a multilingual onomasticon edited by Stanley J. Kays"

Food representative of Sabah, LOL



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Saya suka makan dengan banyak sambal.