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A "wrong" word made it to the latest edition of Kamus Dewan!

Linguists used to frown upon the colloquial usage of "ori" for "original". If you said," CD yang tak ori, lebih murah." You would be chastised for not using the proper word, asli.

( On top of that, you would also be chastised for not buying an "ori" which may cost RM60 instead of a cetak rompak for as little as RM 1, ha ha ha ) Even the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs was not spared for using "ori" in its anti-piracy advertisment campaign in 2003.

Vindication came in the form of being accepted into the 2005 edition of Kamus Dewan. Ori along with other words such as cintan, admiral, adres, heifer, hamster,and even phrases pertaining to keling are among the 5,843 new entries. This makes a total of 82,900 entries in the 1,817 pages of Kamus Dewan.

Suit over use of word in Kamus Dewan

The Angkatan Pelopor India Muslim Selangor and Federal Territory (Apim) filed a suit against DBP over the use of the word keling in its Kamus Dewan. The High Court in Kuala Lumpur allowed the suit to be put aside.

According to Bernama report, Apim filed the suit on Dec 22, 2005, alleging that the word in the Malaysian dictionary has humiliated the Indian community in the country and that it will appeal against the decision.

DBP in its supporting affidavit said that it did not contravene any law according to Section 4 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (Amended 1997) in publishing the third edition of Kamus Dewan.

Words that Need More A Dictionary

Teselasi=tessellation Pencakar = rake ( a gardening tool )
Buaian pusing = Ferries wheel
Rujukan: Multikarangan Esensi 1A oleh Hairuddin Ayip, Mohd Noh Marzuki, dan Maslisira Hassan, Cemerlang Publications Sdn. Bhd.
Kereta Berhias= Float
Sajak, Syair, Puisi Ruyung
Kemumu dedalu
Mengguris= menggores Lutong

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