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Berkabung untuk MH370 & MH17

Official Secrets Act, Sedition Act, Defamation Act and the Internal Security Act which provides for detention without charge or trial are among laws that can be used against members of the Malaysia press.

There's still one more Printing Presses and Publications Act empowering the Minister of Home Affairs to issue permit for the operation of a newspaper. By the way, the permit is valid for only a year. The Minister also has the authority to revoke the permit and confiscate the printing press if he deems that ' unlawful' news items have been published.

It is common knowledge that major shareholders in the mainstream newspapers have close ties with the government. However, among the three major languages of newspapers, Bahasa Malaysia newspapers are being controlled to a greater extent in comparision to Chinese and Indian press, observed the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Censorship is more on political issues while non-political ones are open to debate. According to journalists, freedom fluctuates with the $ , i.e. when the economy is doing well, there is not much to worry about but when things are going badly, the press is shut out. This means thinking readers have to read many papers to get a full, fair picture.