Malaysia Culture

Malaysia culture is defined by a set of bureaucratic guidelines called " Dasar Kebudayaan Kebangsaan" or, the National Culture Policy as

  • based on the culture of indigenous people of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philipines, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, South Pacific islands of Polynesia, Melanesia, Oceania and finally, Malagasy.
  • a culture that accepts suitable elements from other cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Western that do not clash with national interest and Islam.
  • moulded by Islam as an important component.

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"Bulan terang singgah melihat,

Wayang kulit tari Makyung,

Simpan wang bawa berkat,

Daripada bukit menjadi gunung."

"Jika Tidak DiPecahkan Ruyung, Manakan Dapat Sagunya?"

photo credit: "The Tree of Life (Part 1)


Every shred and fiber all the way to the inner most core of the coconut is used literEally, also linguistically in the world of Malay language.  Frog under coconut shell is well known.  Coconut bloom signifies being welcomed plus dozens of expressions that I can't even remember or heard of before..

  Malay Table Manners

There was this plastic "pot" at a humble ikan bakar store, on the centre of the table with some bottled mineral water.  Folks who are not sure of Malay table manners would have poured the unboiled water into their glasses...gulp...gulp...gulp....

 Indonesian Batik


Click on the image or here for a mini audio lesson on Wesak day.

Inside the World of Ethnic Malays


Berkabung untuk MH370 & MH17

Mehndi Night

A temporary body tattoo tradition from India which becomes an essential part of Islamic weddings, therefore also the Malays. The Malay word " INAI"  is highlighted here.