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In the Clinic


Key words : What, problem, diarrhoea ( textbook and crude, rather, practical version ), how long? How many times.

Script :

Apakah masalahnya? /  What's the problem? / Apakah=what, masalah=problem

Saya cirit-birit / I have diarrhoea / Saya = I, cirit-birit= diarrhoea

Saya berak / I have diarrhoea / Saya = I, berak = diarrhoea ( Common and crude version )

Berapa lama berak? / How long was the diarrhoea? / Berapa lama = how long

Sudah dua hari / Already for two days / Sudah = Already, dua = two, hari = day

Berapa kali berak? / How many times poo ?/ Berapa= how many, kali=time

Sepuluh kali / Ten times / sepuluh = ten


Key words : What, your, illness, cough, phlegm, cough medicine, take medicine.

Estimating Distance

Keywords : Where, this place, is it far, near, far, here there

When asking people who don't use the Terminator's gadget, it's difficult to coax/press them to be more precise.  There are two words for "there" in bahasa Malaysia : situ for a distance where you can see the target while sana is usually located beyond your sight range.  There are times, I didn't listen carefully to instructions when I was in rural areas, and found myself walking forever and still not reaching my destination.

Human Males and Females

Keywords : Male, females, child, adult, man, woman, boy, girl, young person, old person.

In Indonesian Malay, man is " pria".  It took me quite a while to get used to as I read Indonesian literature.

Common Titles of Common People

Key words : Sir, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Uncle, Auntie, Friend, How to address a young child, How to address an older woman without offending her, How to/not address an older man.

Indonesians use "bapak" for Mr and "ibu" for Mrs, while we don't. This is one of the common differences between Indonesian and our Malay language.

Note: Here's an article on titles of very important Malaysian people.


Key words: Family, husband, wife, father, mother, child, son, daughter, older brother, younger brother, older sister, younger sister - the immediate family.


Keywords: Relatives, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild, parent's brother, parent's sister, nephew and niece, cousin, all your in-laws.

Water Temperature

In my hometown getting coffee shop people to understand my desired water temperature can be rocket science.

keywords: hot, cold, warm/lukewarm, very hot, very cold, a bit hot, ab it cold, not hot enough, not cold enough, warm water, very cold water please, this water is not hot enough!


Keywords: Laundry, soak, wash, hand wash, scrub, rinse, dry, dry in the sun, hang clothes, iron, fold.

Laundry - Listening Skill

This is a sample listening exercise, future production depends on visitors' request.

Get a Bus

Keywords : Charter a bus, chartered bus, transportation, bas fare, mini bus, how much, one ringgit

Note subtle differences between the verb charter bus and chartered bus, mini bus is a phrase quite confusing to some speakers of the English language. All the keywords help to build several sentences to ask about the bus fare.

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