B.Malaysia Dragonfly


cartoon doll
The story of B.Malaysia dragonfly should begin with its singular form, "patung". Patung is a very cute toy.

Usually, patung-patung means more than one doll.

cartoon doll

Another meaning for patung-patung is a kind of cute insect, the dragonfly. Some people are good at making dragonfly artwork. Sometimes a dragonfly craft like this napkin holder can be regarded as a toy by a kid.

dragonfly craft, dragonfly artwork

Let's see...one dragonfly toy - Satu patung patung-patung.

Two dragonfly toys - Dua patung patung-patung.

Oh dear! The words to describe two dragonfly toys are too cumbersome in Bahasa Malaysia. Fortunately, there is a way to write the first part of patung-patung as a short form, pepatung.

Let's try again. Patung pepatung. That's easier, eh? Other names for dragonfly in duplicated forms are : sibar-sibar and sibur-sibur.

To review, We learn four duplicated terms for dragonfly in B. Malaysia

1. patung-patung
2. pepatung
3. sibar-sibar
4. sibur-sibur

Patung-patung and pepatung are more common than the latter two.

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