Sing a Malay Song to Learn Bahasa Malaysia

Which is your favourite Malay song?

Singing along to tunes and lyrics that you like is a pleasant way to learn Malay almost effortlessly.

I came across lyrics of " Cari cucu" in a little student's text book, there was a CD attached but the song was not demonstrated. So I sang it to my little student:

" Nenek, nenek si bongkok tiga,

Siang mengantuk, malam berjaga,

Mencari cucu di mana berada,

Nenekku kahwin dengan anak raja."

Then we played hide-and-seek "Cari cucu" and sang the song. Since then that kid always pesters me to sing that SAME song until I fed up. At least I realised that nice songs can be an effective learning tool. You see, my voice is not really that flattering but "Cari cucu" is so good that kids don't mind at all.

 I made extra effort to translate the lyrics  here accurately so you can derive greater meaning while enjoying the songs.

Jentayu - Jaclyn Victor and Misha Omar

Gerenti Beres - Kru

Biarlah Rahsia - NOT Siti's Version :)

Katok Gilo Kelantan

Tudung Periuk - P.Ramlee and Saloma

Getaran Jiwa - P.Ramlee

Bujang Lapok one of my favourite lyric of Malay song.



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