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Spoon-feeding Series

I designed this ultra graded course perfect for zero knowledge beginners.

Lesson 1

"You and I" - Only six new Malay language words in your first lesson and simple sentences for listening comprehension.

Vocabulary: you, I, yes, no, money, have, don't.

Lesson 2

"Is He a Friend?" - Another three new words to form your first short dialogue.

Vocabulary: He, friend, is it?

Lesson 3

"Looking for Coffee" - Building on vocabulary from the previous two lessons to help you express your preferences for drinks.

Vocabulary : find, at, coffee, tea, house, want, can, never mind, sorry.

Lesson 4

"Bring the Fat Fellow to Where?" - Teaches you to address an acquaintance, find out someone's whereabouts, to respond to apologies with minimal new words.

Vocabulary: fatty, where, to as a preposition, bring, go, sick, thank you.

Lesson 5

"How? How can?" - At this stage, you would have accumulated sufficient little tricks to speak like a Malaysian ( that is, if you practise super diligently ) and most important you learn to disagree rather agreeably.

Vocabulary: as...as, how, not bad, you plural and singular form, we, with.

This audio course is temporarily unavailable for sale because the website owner needs to fix her computer/laptops.

Guided comprehension audio lessons!

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I would like to see the Malaysian words shown in text. It will help with the pronunciation and make the lesson more user friendly. I looked up 'money' …

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Thanks Wan, got it working! I have another suggestion too. Hi Wan, Thanks for your reply on my comments - tq also for the tips on how to resolve …

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