Gerenti Beres

KRU is formed in May 19, 1992, comprising of three brothers: Norman Abdul Halim, Yusry Abdul Halim and Edry Abdul Halim. The group mixes R&B and rap styles in their music.

The brothers' interest for creating music was sparked when they were very young, when an aunt bought Norman a keyboard. They spent their teens in London, where they were exposed to various genres of music, in stark contrast to the Malay music scene at that time which was dominated by classic rock and ballads...( yawn ) Thankfully, one of Norman's college mates sent a demo to EMI. The manager liked the song and called the brothers to audition. Thus, KRU was born. "KRU" is not an acronym but the Malay spelling of the word "crew". The brothers also began KRU Records, a music publishing company releasing their own recordings as well as those of other artists.

Gerenti Beres is the first single in KRU's 13th album entitled '10 Diskalarichter'. The lyric talks about how guys fatten up their bank accounts to impress girls. However, the music video reverses the roles of the sexes. In the video, you see how girls need to fatten up their bank accounts to impress the KRU guys. Norman the eldest brother played an eligible bachelor all handsome up in his baju Melayu and a young lady by the name of Fieza comes proposing to him with a red Ferrari. The guys even visit beauty saloons and I am so tickled to see them screaming as they have the hair on their legs pulled out as part of the beauty regimen, ouch! So this can happen if women become dominant, ha ha ha! The lyric of this pop tango is written by Edry.

Mengantuk dah dengar “…ku cinta padamu…”

Bored of hearing :" I love you..."

Bermodal kata manis mulut

What you have is sweet talk

Oh abang itu tak cukup!

Oh dear that isn't enough

Jikalau kau mahu ku diserang ‘angau’

If you want me to be 'smitten'

Harus kibarkanlah sedikit

You should wave a few

Kipas berdaun wang ringgit

Fans with leaves made of Ringgit

Usah susah-payah panjang lebar celoteh

Don't bother to blab a lot

Kerana diri ini dah letih

Coz I am already tired of

Mendengar janji setinggi langit

listening to guys promising me the moon

Sedangkan pada mulanya saja beriya

Although initially you always say yes

Nanti dah jemu aku dibiar bingung kecewa

Then you become tired of me, leaving me confused and disappointed

( chorus )

Bukan terlalu memilih

I am not being too choosy

Dalam mencari kekasih

In my quest for a lover

Cuma adat lelaki mereka pergi mencari lain

It is just a custom of men to look for another

Sekurang-kurangnya nanti

At least wait until

Punya hasil baru ku puas hati

You have the results only then I am satfisfied

Kau perlu buktikan dulu

You need to prove it first

Baru cintaku…gerenti beres

Only then my guaranteed to work

( End of Chorus )

Setampan Salman Khan pun aku tak hairan

I am not impressed even if you were as handsome as Salman Khan

Kau tak akan punya peluang

You will not have a single chance

Jika akaun bank kering-kontang

If your bank account is 'dry'

Andainya ada hati nak temu janji

If you really want a date

Pastikan hotel bintang lima

Make sure it is at a five star hotel

Bukan warung kaki lima

Not at a road side stall

Ramai dah gagal berbuah tangankan mawar

Many that came in vain with roses as gifts

Itupun setahun sekali

That happens once a year

Hanya pada hari kekasih

Only on Valentine's Day

Mataku hanya akan silau kilauan permata

My eyes will twinkle only at a glittering gem

Selepas itu barulah diriku engkau empunya

Only after that I am yours

( Chorus )

Ketika ditemuduga seluruh kerabat keluarga

When being interviewed by the whole family

Katakan kau seorang doktor, majistret atau lawyer

Say that you are a doctor, magistrate or lawyer

Ahli muzik tak main, satu sen pun tak laku

A musician wouldn't do, not worth even one cent

Jika diriku yang kau mahu

If it is me that you want

Pastikan rombongan dipenuhi hantaran

Make sure that your team come with gifts

Dengan sebiji Ferrari merah, barulah kau nampak gah

And a red Ferrari, only then you will look great

Muka selipar jepun pun boleh jadi lawa

Even your 'Japanese Slipper' face can become cute.

Kau buat ku jatuh cinta

You make me fall in love

(Repeat Chorus)

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