Facts on the National Language of Malaysia that Learners Should Know

Fact 1:     It was Bahasa Melayu, then bahasa Malaysia, then bahasa Melayu. Now it is bahasa Malaysia. WHY the name again and again?  If the name of Malaysia's national language were to change to Bahasa Melayu again, that would make the name of this website look ...



Fact 2:   It changes its linguistic rules again and again. What is correct this year may be wrong the next year.  Some of the language rules make not much sense and make life very difficult for users.


The two facts above are  enough to make my poor national language look bad.  Shall I rub more salt to the wound?  Welcomed infiltration of English in spoken Malay language of Malaysia, yes the loathsome "I" and "you" .  Heck,  Malay language subtitles is rare in Bahasa Malaysia films.  No wonder more people prefer  bahasa Indonesia to bahasa Malaysia.

Yet, when you live in a place where Malay is widely spoken, it is worthwhile to learn Malay. The benefits you will reap in the form of greater convenience and cultural enjoyment are something that tourists can never buy with their fat wallets.

Here is the place jam-packed with answers about Bahasa Malaysia, along with many more peculiarities of the Malaysian language which are essential to enhance your comprehension but seldom addressed by conventional education.

Slilghtly Graded Malay Language Lessons

          I wanna learn to speak Malay

         Your Friend and My Friend

        This One ?  That One ?

        Will / Shall

         Litter Bug

         Is it ... ?

         He / She

         Have to



         Need to

           How? How? How?



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