Ikut Jejak - Jantung Hati

Simpulan Bahasa Malaysia

Ikut jejak Follow the examples of the older ones

Biasanya, anak-anak ikut jejak ibubapa.

Generally children follow the examples of parents.

Isi rumah Members of a household.

Seluruh isi rumah itu masih berkabung atas kematian nenek.

The whole househould is still mourning the death of grandmother.

Jadi abu arang A thing that is damaged. For instance a car that is not longer roadworthy after accident. However, there is another Malay proverb "Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu". Literally it means both parties - the winner and loser become " arang dan abu" or ashes, so neither side gains.

Jadi bapa kuda An irresponsible man who marries here and there. Compare with bapa ayam.

Jadi bumi langit To be the earth and heaven. To have much hope in a person.

Jadi umang-umang To be a hermit crab. A hermit crab's long and soft abdomen needs protection. But it is not born with a shell. So it uses empty seashells to cover the vulnerable part of its body. When the hermit crab grows bigger, it gets another bigger seashell. Otherwise, it is likely to be eaten.

A person who "jadi umang-umang" is one who likes to use the possession of others.

Jaguh gelut Gelut is to wrestle or to quarrel. A champion of gelut is a person who likes to quarrel.

Jalan belakang The backdoor, using illegal means. I bet this is the most popular "jalan".

Jika kita melayan mereka yang hanya tahu menggunakan jalan belakang, kita menyuburkan budaya yang akan merosakkan bangsa.

If we attend to those who uses only illegal means, we are cultivating a culture that will ruin the nation.

Of course that's the official stuff that comes out from a bull's...you know whatlah. If I can tell you here, then it's not jalan belakang :-)

Jalan buntu 1. A dead end road. In my city Kota Kinabalu, you see a lot of these in housing estates to deter passesr-by usually poorer people the convenience of taking a shorter route.

Jalan buntu 2. The dead end of a situation without a solution.

Alfonso de Albuqueque menyerang Melaka selepas rundingan dengan pemerintahnya menemui jalan buntu.

Alfonso de Albuqueue attacked Malacca after negotiations with its ruler turned out to be inconclusive.

Jalan mati Same as jalan buntu.

Jalan tengah The middle way. To make a fair decision.

Kedua-dua pihak perlu bertolak ansur untuk mencari jalan tengah.

Both parties need to compromise to make a fair decision.

Jantung hati 1. Someone who is your heart and liver has to be your darling.

Anak comel ini merupakan jantung hati ibubapanya.

This cute child is the apple of her parents' eyes.

Jantung hati 2. The centre of emotions.

Keadaan anak yang didera itu menusuk jantung hati kita.

The condition of the abused child hurts our feelings.

Sudut Renungan

Meditation Corner


Bagaimana rumah-tangga boleh bahagia kalau kedua-duanya ?

How can a family be peaceful if both of them are_____?

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