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Cemeti dewa Whip of a god which is, thunder. Oh the logic of Malay idioms...I was thinking cemeti dewa should be the lightning. Kamus Dewan also defines it as whip of an angel.

Cempala mulut A mouth that tends to say improper things.

Cepat lidah A tongue quick to speak without forethought.

Kadang-kadang apabila kita marah - terlalu cepat lidah membela diri, kita mengeluarkan kata-kata yang tajam.
Sometimes when we are upset - too quick to defend ourselves without thinking, we utter words that can hurt.

Cepat mulut A mouth that is quick to give away secrets.

Cepat kiri Quick on the left side for a left-handed person.

Petinju cepat kiri heavyweight Rusia, Sultan Ibragimov bergelar juara baru Pertubuhan Tinju Dunia kelmarin.
Russian left-handed boxer, Sultan Ibragimov became the new champion of World Boxing Organization yesterday.

Cepat tangan Hands that are quick to steal.
Peragut yang yang cepat tangan tidak ambil kisah yang perbuatan mereka itu memudaratkan mangsa
Snatch thiefs who are fond of stealing do not care about their conduct which causes great loss to the victims.

Cerah ceria Cerah is fine weather, ceria is clean and cloudless. Usually referring to fine and clean weather or air.

Ben meredah jalan sesak pada petang Khamis yang cerah ceria bersama Rizal untuk ke kompleks membeli-belah.
Ben fought through the traffic on a fine Thursday to go to the shopping complex with Rizal.

Cerai hidup Married couples who divorce while both parties are still alive.

Pada tahun 1990 peratus penduduk wanita berumur 10 tahun ke atas dengan status kahwin 54.2%, belum kahwin 33.4%, cerai hidup 3.1% dan cerai mati 9.3%.
In the year 1990 the percentage of female citizens above 10 years of age with the status of married 54.2%, unmarried 33.4%, divorced when both spouses are alive 3.1% and divorced due to death of one of the spouses 9.3%.

Cerai mati A marriage that is annuled due to death. Ha...Malay idioms are particular about whether you were alive or dead when there is a divorce.

Cerai susu Wean.

Di Malaysia, kadar kematian anak arnab sebelum cerai susu tinggi iaitu 30 - 40%.
In Malaysia, the death rate of racks before weaning is high that is, 30-40%...Aussies would love this kind of rate.

Cerdik buruk Great at conning.

Selagi ramai pengguna tidak sabar untuk cepat kaya, mereka yang cerdik buruk akan mengambil kesempatan
As long as many consumers are anxious to get rich quick, people who are good at conning will take advantage of them.

Cerita burung Baseless stories.

Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri akan bertindak tegas terhadap pengendali laman web yang menyebarkan cerita burung sehingga boleh menjejas keselamatan negara.
The Internal Security Ministry will take stern action against website owners who spread baseless stories that can threaten the security of the country.

Cetus api The flint that cavemen use to create a spark of fire or a lighter.

Kebakaran sebuah kereta hingga mengorbankan seorang kanak-kanak mungkin disebabkan perbuatan abang mangsa yang bermain cetus api di dalam kereta.
A fire broke out in a car that caused the death of a child could be due to the deceased's older brother playing with a lighter inside the car.

Cicak Kubin in " A History of Sumatra"

cicak kubin

Cicak kubin It is a little flying lizard about 20cm long, I think, including the tail. Its other name is flying dragon. From the illustration, you can see wing-like structure extending from both sides of the ribs that enable a cicak kubin to glide from tree to tree in the rain forest. When the wings are folded...

cicak kubin

"At rest, these dermal sails are folded along the body, giving the lizards a slim ( italics Wan's ) appearance." That's how Animal Encyclopedia describes its physical characteristic. Personally, Wan thinks the way the wings cling to the ribs makes the cicak kubin looks a thin fellow who has been starving until his ribs are protruding. So the verdict is, this is one of the idioms in Bahasa Malaysia that Wan wholeheartedly agrees to be suitable to describe a very skinny person.



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