Malay Idiom, is simpulan bahasa. Simpul is to tie a knot. You tie two or more words in Bahasa Malaysia into a knot to bring them together, making it a simpulan. Simpulan is also gist. This group of two words of entirely different meanings represents a gist of an idea. All the entries below are arranged in alphabetical order.

The examples of sentences in this collection are taken or adapted from real-life materials I came across in the Malay-speaking world. If you notice some entries are without sentences, that means they are rarely used or, used in accordance with the definition in the Kamus Dewan.

Some highlights from Wan:

This would never happen to egoistic males, they don't mind dumping such wives.

In Malay language, one does not bring a broken mug out to beg

The Malay version of onesie is cheeky, really cheeky.

The expression for disappointment is not suitable for adults.

We aint as skinny as a rake, we are as skinny as this.

Symbol of good looks but good for nothing.

Snacks like these are something that laces the stomach

Blame lasciviousness on da nose.

More than one girl friend at a time.

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