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I don't recommend Bahasa Malaysia teachers via this web site. I am not for hire to teach Bahasa Malaysia in person via this web site because, I have more than enough monkey students to cope with here in Kota Kinabalu. However, you may get my audio course by clicking this link

I don't do translation for any BM words or phrases. You should hire a professional translator for that. This is a PERSONAL WEBSITE maintained and paid by me alone. I am not a super woman cum translator, okay? ( Geram, woof!!!! )

You are welcome to suggest a topic though, if I think it's interesting I might use it.

If you want to use any of the images and materials here for educational purpose by all means help yourself - all I ask is the courtesy of linking back to this website.

Anything else that is not covered above, which is reasonable and relevant to BM including criticisms, you are most welcome to write me via this online form. I might publish some of your comments. You have my word that I loathe spam so you will never get any junk mail from me.

At the moment I haven't figured out a way of providing a means of contact via an address or phone without being spammed to death/stalked by creepy crawlies.  Please put up with this aspect of inconvenience until...


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