Who So Bongok to Build A Site About Bahasa Malaysia?

Hi...My first name is Wan. I live in Kota Kinabalu, a city where Malay language is very much preferred. There are two main worries I have when I build a website about Bahasa Malaysia :

1. One day, they will change the name of Malaysia's national language again and that will make me seem a total bongok.

2. I am technically retarded. Learning to provide audio lessons for this website d.i.y. was mission impossible.

The first worry - I have to close two eyes lah! There is nothing I can do about what people on top of the food chain want to do.

The second worry - I have to sit on this problem for years because my website provider, namely Sitesell, does not have enough tools to help language sites reach their full potential. So when I found out now my provider can help me host audios for a reasonable price, I quickly try to learn lah.

Of course, this is easier said than done. To cut the story short, I encountered so many problems assembling the audio tools. Then, I found not only one, but two audio geeks who helped me get the machines and connect the wires to my dilapidated laptop, yes laptop.

One of them is Simon who explains jargon in a way simple enough for me to understand. You can read his explanation at his blog about audio equipments. The other geek is my regular computer technician Tony. Wah, I never know that he is THAT good. He understands exactly what I need and got 'em fixed in a jiffy. F.Y.I.,

( End of shameless free advertising for kawan, winks )

Some people who think they know a lot about Malay had written nasty emails to me to say that my Bahasa Malaysia is buruk...Ya...since I do not flaunt my linguistic credentials...but do they give a 30 days money back guarantee like I do? Ha ha. I am gleeful to add my voice to nag about my view of Bahasa Malaysia, that should irritate them more.

( Pull down lower eyelids and stick out my tongue )

" A cartoon version of myself, done by my own hands because I am too miskin to buy online images ^o^"

Updated on Christmas Eve, 2013

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