Gluttonous as Blowfly

"Gelojoh macam Langau"

Is the blowfly really a glutton? "Gelojoh" means, to eat too much and, indiscriminately, let's examine how a langau fits this description.

When a person dies outdoors, bright greenbottle blowflies are the first to arrive on the scene - within TEN MINUTES of the death. They come to eat the corpse and also lay eggs in the softer parts of the body. 24 hours later, the eggs hatch into maggots to continue the feast. In fact, this pattern is so consistent that a forensic scientist surveys the blowflies in the body of a murder victim to ascertain the time of the crime.

The larvae feed on carrion and decaying organic matter such as wounds of sheep. Most larvae do not attack healthy tissue. However, mature larvae of green bottle flies after spending their early development stages in superficial wounds have been found to burrow deep into healthy tissues...tshhh it is understandable natural scavengers need to play their roles by eating up stinking meat to keep the environment clean, but this is going overboard!

langau, blowfly

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