Betel Nut and Numerical Coefficients


A Question on BM Numerical Coefficient:

"Noraini's mother chews a ____ of betel. She also uses two ___ of gambier to roll a ____ of betel."

Answers are available at the bottom of this webpage. Before peeking at the answers, I encourage you to get acquainted with a tool.

betel nut,scissor

"Betel Nut Scissor"

Explanation for numerical coefficients involved in the question:

1. Kacip - A special scissor to destroy betel nuts. When I abuse cut a betel nut with this scissor, the Malay word is "mengacip". Each shred of betel nut cut this way is also called a "piak". Whether there are differences between "piak" and "kacip" to differentiate shreded kernels of beten nuts or the edible part of the nut itself, I wouldn't know.

2. Colek - To dab a little calcium hydroxide with the tip of the finger, subsequently spread on betel leave the way you spread butter on bread.

3. Kapur - This word means "chalk" as a noun, as numerical coefficient it means "a set of betel" i.e. the betel leaf is rolled in calcium hydroxide, gambier and other ingredients served with betel nut.

Please check for yourselves answers to the question from the Bahasa Malaysia translation of this webpage.

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