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"The biggest coup in the history of Malaysian journalism"

Berita Harian in Bahasa Malaysia means Daily News . It is my favourite educational resources. For example, it published...

A Report on Reading Problem

The article mentioned that Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris conducted a research by spending three months helping 326 kindergarten children to read Bahasa Malaysia phonetically. The results:

The percentage of children who could not recognize letters decreased from 47.09 per cent to 8.28 per cent and the percentage of children who could read fluently increased from 1.53 per cent to 24.43 per cent.( 15 September, 2006 Pendidikan,Cara bunyi-kata bantu membaca )

Whether the Ministry of Education will accept the University's suggestion to implement teaching of Kaedah Gabungan bunyi-kata in lower primary schools, we do not know at this stage. At least, Berita Harian has played its role as a newspaper that educates the classrooms.

Malaysian Pioneer of Newspaper in Education

By promoting this concept called Akhbar Dalam Pendidikan ( ADD ) in Bahasa Malaysia, Berita Harian dedicates two columns, ADD and Bengkel Guru. ADD explains the concept which is basically encouraging the usage of newspaper as a teaching material in classes whereas Bengkel Guru provides ideas for teachers.

Discounts in subscription fee are given to schools which participate in this ADD programme. In my case, I use Berita Harian Malaysia online to discuss with students, sometimes.

Goodies for School Children

If you are a Malaysian student, Berita Harian Malaysia offers worksheets in Bahasa Malaysia. I like to use the writing worksheets in Form 1 because the graphics are colourful. However, I have come across pictures in Year 1 worksheets that are quite blur...:) Hey, but they are free online!!!

Anglers and Soccer Fans

I have not seen other dailies devoting a section to anglers except Berita Harian."Joran" the fishing rod is obvious enough to attract them. Though not keen about fishing myself, I find this section interesting.I come across "Ikan Hantu" and mind you, it costs RM60 alive! I must say Berita Harian packs this niche with lots of wonderful information for all the "kaki pancing".

What does the goal posts "Gawang " remind you? Football, of course! A friend once told me that her dad's religion is football. So football merits a column of its own due to the unquestionable huge following. Especially fans of Piala Malaysia, they can savour all the details imaginable here.

Profile of Berita Harian

The largely British-owned Straits Times Group of Singapore launched the inaugural issue of Berita Harian on 1 July, 1957 as the first romanised Malay morning newspaper. Berita Harian was the Malay version of The Straits Times. Guess what's the price ...15 sen! How I wish there were no inflation.

In the seventies, change of political climates in Singapore and Malaysia necessitated a newspaper that can serve the national needs of Malaysia. A strike described as "the biggest coup in the history of Malaysian journalism " by a Straits Times veteran Ahmad Sebi,was staged to force Singapore Straits Times to sell its Kuala Lumpur-based operations to Malaysian owners.

No company likes to lose money, so in the end, the Singaporean Straits Times gave up its Malaysian interests to Malaysian Government under UMNO. That's why there is another Berita Harian based in Singapore today. Whereas the Malaysian Berita Harian is a sister publication of New Straits Times under the New Straits Times Press Malaysia Berhad.

The Man Who Shaped Berita Harian

Singaporean Abdul Samad Ismail, a journalist with Utusan Melayu before World War Two, was appointed the editor in 1958. Remember, at that time Berita Harian was only the Malay translation for the English Straits Times? Samad trained the small number of staff ( 8 during the inaugural issue ) to improve the standard of translation and recruit news contributors around the country. In this way, he improved the content and mould Berita Harian into a distinctively Malay newspaper.

Samad is a bilingual editor who also wrote for the Straits Times. His fellow journalists describes him as a hard working and devoted newspaper man. " Paper was A.Samad Ismail's life," commented his editor-in-chief Lee Siew Yee."His colleagues can testify to the fact that he works seven days a week…he is still at it. He is in the newspaper office all day and seems to be everywhere at the same time, yet he gets his work done." That's how Ahmed Sebi wrote of his work performance after his release from ISA dentention.

Samad forged ties both cordial and hostile with a string of big names in politics including Lee Kuan Yew and Tun Abdul Razak. His own story of imprisonment under the Internal Security Act is a typical political saga of contradictory public statements...which is not my angle of interest here.

Rather, it is his prestigious achievement as the champion of Bahasa Malaysia that impresses me. He is a prolific writer for two newspapers, 11 novels, 4 collections of short stories. Tun Hussein Onn honoured him with Malaysia's highest literary award which earned him the title " Pejuang Sastera". Another award he bagged is Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism. He helped to establish Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. He retired from journalism in 1988 and made Tan Sri in 1992.

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